About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Dedicated to enhancing the mental health and promoting innovative, culturally and linguistically accessible wellness programs and services of individuals and families in our community and specializing in assisting those in the under-served low-income community.

Our Vision

A sustainable, vibrant, health, engaged, and compassionate Wellness Community.

  • Promote health and wellness through healthy lifestyle choices;
  • Enhance patient care and patient safety through wellness; and
  • Create a safe, healthy work environment for all employees, patients and visitors.

Our Values

Higher Heights Human Services stands by its integrity as a Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic (BHOC) that can change the community struggling in mental health and substance abuse. As part of the community who is a WRAP around Mental Health will be servicing initial Assessment, Crisis services, therapy, Basic Skills Training (BST), Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (PSR).

HHHS future goal is to be able to service the full spectrum of Behavioral Health and will work with other trusted community agencies for  inpatient and those services requiring a higher level of services such as SMI. The continuum of care is a top priority at Higher Heights Human Services and we  are always available to assist with coordinating care with other health partners in the community.

Higher Heights Human Services Mental Health Outpatient Services program includes medication management services and it is designed to provide appropriate levels of care to those experiencing significant and acute disruption in their ability to cope with their daily lives.

Coordination of care with their Psychiatrist or Primary Care or referring BHOC is important to establish common goal in understanding the client’s behavior and approach of an effective treatment plan based on the client’s history, therapy, environment, medications and triggers for relapse and make an individualized treatment plan according to the medical and clinical history.

Higher Heights Human Services is person centered and focused on empowering the individual to learn about his/her unique needs, strengthen their ability to manage their lives, symptoms, and services.